Artifacts Collection

The word “artifact” refers to any object shaped by human beings, whether utilitarian, artistic…or both, like the furniture and lighting designed by the craftsmen-artists of Mydriaz.The archaeological connotation of the title of the collection refers to the ancient sources from which it draws its inspiration.

Mydriaz, founded in 2011 by artisans Cyril Kaleka, Jennifer Midoz and Malo du Bouëtiez, specializes in the design of brass furniture and lighting fixtures.The golden hue of this copper-zinc alloy gives coherence to their collections.They contain unique or limited edition pieces, hand-made to measure in a Parisian workshop.The Mydriaz adventure began with the “Artefacts” collection.

The Artefacts Collection Furniture: Seating with Ancient Influences

Cyril Kaleka, Jennifer Midoz and Malo du Bouëtiez drew their inspiration from the art of the past.The Doric armchair and stool take their name from the oldest architectural style of the temples of Ancient Greece.The Doric columns, unlike the Ionic and Corinthian ones, appear sober and bare, without capitals with floral motifs.The furniture in the “Artefacts” collection reflects its rigour and simplicity.


Brass tubes make up the structure of the Doric seats.In the case of the chair, a light blue fabric is hung on it to sit on, just like a deckchair.The legs of the stool support an astonishing seat: a perfectly circular and transparent block of glass, which looks like a piece of ice floe.

There is an allusion to the grooves of the Doric columns on the armrests of the chair, where three tubes come together to form a sort of crinkled column.The feet of both creations also taper into a series of horizontal grooves until they touch the ground.

Lighting fixtures from the Artefacts collection: light made ornamental

The brass luminaires in the collection are inspired by Asian artifacts.The Ombrelle suspensions are reminiscent of Burmese umbrellas and those called Fans imitate the shape and motifs of the first Chinese fans.A small lamp illuminates the designs embedded in the brass fan so that they are reflected on the ceiling.

The craftsmen of Mydriaz push the play on light even further with the Prisme suspensions.Composed of diamond-shaped plates, nested one inside the other around a bulb, they draw bright stars of light on the ceiling thanks to diffraction.The glow of the lamp thus becomes itself an ornament.